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Date: Sep 05 2019

We know during the summer holiday season how important it is to keep aircraft in the sky. One of our aviation manufacturers ran into an extreme time-critical situation where an urgent part had to be collected from an airside location at Paris CDG airside and delivered to an aircraft shed airside at London LGW.

We were aware of the collection at 1820 hours with extreme understanding that the address closed at 1900 hours our remit was to make the collection time and deliver before 0600 hours. The LHR Global operations team, organized collection and with an agreement with the warehouse to stay open for an extra ten minutes, due to the urgency, received our truck at 1910 hours.

We drove through the night to LGW, where the consignment was screened by security for airside delivery which was completed at 03.33 where the engineering team were waiting. Our client expressed delight in the completion of this shipment not only saving inconvenience to their client and maintaining their reputation, but due to our live tracking could monitor the shipment to enable them to have an engineer to meet our vehicle saving money on engineering waiting time.